Welcome to the KAS ICT Support and Site Helpdesk

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Here are a few top tips to help you report your ICT and Site problems effectively

NON URGENT problems should be reported to this helpdesk by emailing icthelpdesk@kingalfred.somerset.sch.uk or sitehelpdesk@kingalfred.somerset.sch.uk or logging into this portal to make a ticket. Try to give an indication of a date your issues needs sorting by if it is time sensitive.

URGENT problems should be reported in person, by phone on x333 (ICT Support) / x275 (Site) or via reception so they can radio us. We will respond to problems reported by this method as quickly as we can, usually straight away, if they are affecting Learning and Teaching or your primary role.

When reporting ICT problems please give us as much information as possible including a subject if reporting by email or ticket. Reporting that your "PC isn't doing something it should" isn't good enough. Think WWW. Which, Where, What. Which PC? Where is it? What specifically isn't it doing.